Change for Kids
Fountain for Youth

Location: Isan Region, Thailand

In Thailand, many children are unable to attend schools as they live too far away from one and do not have the means to get there by bus. Furthermore, immigrant children are sometimes unable to access education at all. They are very often banned from state schools. This result in them being stuck in the poverty cycle.

From April 2013, Project Noah’s Schools for All initiative,  backed by a USD$80,000, has built numerous schools in rural Thailand, built pathways to increase the accessibility for the children to commute to school and gathered qualified and passionate teachers. This has resulted in around 30000 children to have access to free education.

Alton Peterson, a Member of Board of Advisors for Project Noah, says, “With the success of Schools for All, we are able to provide the poor children of Thailand quality education. This will ensure a gradual increase in the overall skill level of Thailand’s workforce, preparing them for the demands of the future.

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