Schools For All
Rise Initiative

Location: Thailand

In Rural Thailand, many schools don’t have basic amenities such as clean water. School teachers and children often fall sick due to bad sanitation and lack of clean drinking water. This is disruptive to the mission of providing a quality education for the rural children.

From August 2013, Project Noah’s Fountain For Youth initiative has helped many schools in rural Thailand by building and providing them with a clean water. Advanced water filters were installed and modern toilets were built. This has resulted in the betterment of the health conditions of many rural school children as they now have access to clean drinking water and clean sanitation.

Bobby Hadley, a Member of Board of Advisors for Project Noah, says, “With the success of Fountain for Youth, we are able to provide the poor children of rural Thailand clean water and basic sanitation. This will allow them to focus better in their studies, making them better learners and able to break out the cycle of poverty.”

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