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Location: Hubei Province, China

In some schools in the poor part of Hubei province in China, they lack basic necessities such as school desks for the children or unable to provide basic teaching materials to the teachers such as textbooks. This result in parents or even grandparents having to lug desks or chairs from their homes daily to the school, or teachers not having a proper syllabus to follow, putting the children at a disadvantage when compared to their peers in richer regions of China.

From March 2014, Project Noah’s Rise initiative, has helped schools in Hubei province by donating them new necessities such as desks, textbooks and even renovating certain derelict areas in their school. This has created a wholesome environment for the students and teachers that is conductive for their education. The children are delighted as they no longer have to stand for the whole day in class or seeing the heartbreaking sight of their elderly grandparents dragging desk from home to school to and forth everyday.

Bobby Hadley, a Member of Board of Advisors for Project Noah, says, “If the school doesn’t have basic amenities, then how can the children receive a quality education that they deserve? With our Rise initiative, we are able to provide a quality environment for the children of these areas. We are having plans to expand our initiative to other areas of China, to give the unprivileged children a better future.”

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