Rise Initiative
Gansu Scholarship for the Gifted

Location: Nepal

A country of wonders, Nepal is home to the tallest mountains on Earth. However amidst these natural wonders lies a nation with more than a quarter of its population living in poverty. The only way for these people to rise up the social mobility ladder is to start with education those living in poverty.

From May 2014, Project Noah’s launch of “Giving Education, Giving Life” education focused charity has raised more than USD100,000 in this quarter and as such we have decided to sponsor 300 children in 3 schools in Nepal for the 3 years. These children will have access to stationery, books and food for the entire year sponsored by Project Noah. It’s an amazing privilege to be able to reach beyond one’s neighbourhood (and one’s comfort zone) and travel to a far distant land where the way of life is in such sharp contrast with the norms of city living, to help out those in need.

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