Gansu Scholarship for the Gifted

Giving Education, Giving Life
Edusave for Children

Location: Gansu Province, China

In today’s education, gifted programs are said to amplify inequality because they disproportionately gather children from high-income families — another example of how opportunity are given to those already blessed with opportunity. In the poorer regions of China such as Gansu, many children who are gifted are not being discovered or given any special curriculum to be groomed into future leaders. This is unfortunate as missed chances early in life contribute to more missed chances down the line.

From August 2014, Project Noah launched Gansu Scholarship for the Gifted, consisting of USD$100000. It is looking to sponsor up to 3000 gifted Gansu students with poor family background. A formal process is implemented to identify gifted children in several schools in Gansu. After that, they will be given a full scholarship that pays for their education and necessary materials up till they reach university. This gives the gifted children an accelerated route to success, moving up the social ladder and to give back to society next time.

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