Edusave for Children
Education Sponsor

Location: Banphomvit, Thailand

More than 70 percent of students in Banphomvit, Thailand, are unable to continue their education beyond primary school. Project Noah – Education For All, provides scholarships for the brightest and most vulnerable youth in Banphomvit to pursue secondary and post-secondary education. Project Noah provides a holistic program that ensure the students get the education they deserve.

Currently, Project Noah have been providing Banphomvit students education, skill-building workshops, service learning and mentoring for 250 students thus far.

During May 2015, Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Kalber and Chief Operating Officer Mike Hardy visited Banphomvit. 200 new sets of sportswear and equipment were brought along with them and a friendly game of soccer was held.

“We can help change the lives of people around us by just giving a little. We aspire to let all these children have equal access to secondary education, so that they will be empowered to finish school, leverage their educations into viable opportunities for earned income, and have the tools they need to stand up for their own life choices.”, Mr. Hardy said.

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