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Water For All

Location: Banrachawadee, Thailand

Project Noah was set up with the motto of not importing the limitations of others, and that one should determine what can or cannot be done, and not by the words of others. Therefore, we brought our management team and volunteers to the Banrachawadee school in rural Thailand that we are currently supporting for the past 6 months. We hope that with the funding and initiatives, society will come to accept and associate with them, and hopefully open up more opportunities in life.

Working with these individuals has been nothing but fun. They are absolutely lovable and opened our eyes to such innocent love. We are always judged by how we act or say, yet they get to speak their mind and do what they want. Of course, we embarked on this initiative with uncertainty as with any project, of how the engagement with them would turn out. Having interacted and with a better understanding of them, we are really glad and proud to be able to collaborate with them and help them move along with life.

The provision of food, water and basic school necessities definitely went a long way as we were pleasantly greeted by this school of about 60 children with disabilities. We hope to be able to be able to build a solid long term relationship with all our stakeholders and schools. Eventually we would want to include more members in our Project Noah initiatives to share the love that we are all capable of.

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