Our Statement of Purpose

Lives have equal value

Project Noah has a strongly embedded belief that all lives have equal value. Guided by this belief, Project Noah aims to help people lead healthy and productive lives, particularly the underprivileged, excluded and impoverished. While there are uncountable areas where funding can be provided, Project Noah prioritizes the greatest needs, namely the vital ones for survival.

Focus on Improving Lives

Project Noah focuses on improving people's health in developing countries, and also provides them with the necessary resources to avert hunger, starvation and extreme poverty. This gives them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. We want to ensure that everyone can get access to the minimum required resources and opportunities they need to succeed in their education and life.

Collaboration with the Best

The areas of funding we focus on are able to offer the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life for billions of people. In embarking on these projects and initiatives which require injection of large amounts of capital, we establish partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and vision — cooperating with the best organizations around the globe to identify issues, seek solutions, and drive change on a global scale.

Strong Methodology and Innovation

Project Noah’s methodology is based on logic, driven by rigor, data, results, problems, and outcomes. To us, innovation means using new methods to solve existing problems, coupled with measures to refine our approach periodically. Our strategies help define our path to success, but our effectiveness is based in the collective power of our initiatives to create holistic change.